Cornhill Management is delighted to announce that the world's leading provider ofmutual fund information and analysis, Standard & Poors (S&P), hasawarded the WIOF Balanced Euro Fund with a 4**** rating.

Euro awarded a 4-STAR ranking by Standard and Poor's S&P have alsoawarded the WIOF Global Equity fund with a 3*** rating in recognition of itsexcellent performance reocrd. S&P have recently added these two funds intotheir highly sophisticated fund-tracking database. Thanks to this databaseinvestors can easily check performance of individual funds or compare up to80,000 funds tracked by S&P worldwide. Just to be a part of this databaseis a great success and highlights the performance achievments of the two WIOFfunds. Over 5000 professionals in 20 countries track the performance andvolatility of funds over a 36-month period and compare them with the performanceof their peers in the same category. The result of this process is a rankingsystem awarding funds from 1* (lowest award) to 5***** (for best rated funds).If you are interested in more information on the fund rating system or Standard& Poors click on www.funds-sp.com. Formore information on the WIOF Balanced Euro and Global Equity rankings pleasevisit the fund pages.