Islamic Funds

Funds operating according to Islamic Shariah principles, specially designed to comply with Shariah laws.

There are other than only profit driven decisions taken in processes of designing, developing and marketing of Shariah funds. Investing in a fund that operates under Shariah law requires investors to fully comply with Shariah law. Certain regions would be not accessible for investors not complying with Shariah law. We offer access to professional fund management expertise and chance to profit from the growth of those regions for those who follow principles of Shariah.

Some of the main principles when investing in Shariah funds:

  • have to be supervised by a group of accepted Islamic scholars
  • the range of activities that the fund invest in is restricted
  • the payment of interest is forbidden
  • some impermissible income capped at 5% of total revenue is generally accepted
  • a debt to equity ratio of a compliant company is less than 33%

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